Peverel Court Care rewards staff for hard work and compassionate care with @hartwellhouse experience

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Peverel Court Care believes in investing in staff happiness and professional qualifications. We go through great lengths to find, develop and retain the best employees in the care sector, and offer them an excellent working environment coupled with continuous training and development opportunities.

Our team of employees has access to many benefits, and one of them is being part of our new reward scheme – Community Member of the Quarter. This reward is in association with @hartwellhouse.

The recognition

Peverel Court Care has a longstanding reputation for exceptional elderly care, and staff get the credit for keeping our compassionate and caring ethos intact.

We appreciate the hard work and dedication of our staff. At the same time, we give utmost importance to staff wellbeing and happiness. This has prompted us to introduce the Community Member of the Quarter award to spur our staff to excel in all spheres of work and also show their performance and contribution is being noticed and appreciated.

The winners

Every quarter, winners from each of the three homes are carefully selected. The winners of the last award were shortlisted after much deliberation. The recipients were:

Bartlett’s Residential Home – Kavita Salhotra

Merryfield Nursing Home – Marie Anderson

Stone House Nursing Home – Tracey Haynes

The reward

This reward scheme allows the winners to spend time away from their day-to-day responsibilities in a relaxed setting. The winners from Bartlett’s Residential Home and Stone House Nursing Home visit Hartwell House, whilst the winners from Merryfield Nursing Home visit @witneylakes.

They enjoy “The Ultimate Aromatherapy Experience.” The aromatherapy and the Swedish and neuromuscular techniques alleviate muscular tension so that the stress and strain just melt away, leaving the person feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.

We congratulate the winners for their outstanding contribution to the success of Peverel Court Care, and hope they and the rest of the staff continue creating the unique Peverel Court Care experience.

Real life

Peverel Court Care believes in giving back to the community with @macmillancoffee

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Peverel Court Care believes in giving back to the community. It gives us an opportunity to make a genuine and lasting difference. Whilst we offer exceptional elderly care in our three homes, we also believe the community should benefit as a whole. We feel inspired and happy when we see the direct impact of our efforts.

Bonding over shared passion

Each of our homes participates in the popular @macmillancoffee mornings. It gives Peverel Court Care residents an opportunity to broaden their network and bond with people who share their passion. It lets our residents and staff interact with people from diverse backgrounds so that they can work towards a common goal.

Macmillan Coffee Mornings help raise funds for cancer support. Recently, Bartlett’s Residential Home participated in one of these mornings and raised £120 through the concerted efforts of the residents, community members and staff.

Strengthening the community

A strong community helps enhance the lives of individual community members. That is why Peverel Court Care recently joined forces with Lindengate, a Buckinghamshire-based charity. The charity offers specialised gardening activities to support the recovery of people with mental health needs.

We hope to collaborate with @lindengate in the coming year to improve the quality of life of the people in our local community, thereby helping to make the community stronger, safer and healthier.

Intangible rewards

Giving back helps us understand the needs of the community, and by using local resources, we can meet those needs. It also has mental and physical rewards. It makes our residents and staff happy to do something for others, thereby evoking positive emotions such as joy and optimism. By focusing on others, it eases stress and makes the giving back an enjoyable process.

Peverel Court Care is proud of its ability to give back to the community. By working for and with the community, we know Peverel Court Care is making a difference in the lives of people around us.


Why Peverel Court Care is on social media

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Social media has proven to be a powerful tool that allows individuals to stay connected and facilitates engagement like never before. It strengthens the bond between loved ones and creates new ones between strangers. Considering the varied uses of social media, it is not surprising that Peverel Court Care has a strong presence on these digital platforms.

The pinnacle of engagement

At Peverel Court Care, we take personalised elderly care very seriously. We are constantly striving to keep our residents comfortable and happy, while taking care of their social needs.

We realise that it is difficult for you to put a loved one in a nursing home. That’s why we take it upon ourselves to offer you an insight into what is happening at Peverel Court Care. Through our social media channels, relatives can get instant updates and details of the latest activities taking place in our homes. This gives them assurance that their loved ones have meaningful activities to keep them engaged and happy.

The local connection

Peverel Court Care believes in forging a robust and interactive relationship with the local community. Social media allows us to connect with the local community and create an all-inclusive community. Many of our residents have a strong community connection, and the locals have a bond with our three charming and historic homes. We encourage the local community to visit and mingle with our residents, and social media lets the community learn about activities and events that they can participate in.

The personal connection

We understand that relatives cannot visit their loved ones every day. We offer a unique way for residents and relatives to connect – social media. Through our social media pages, residents and their relatives can constantly stay in touch and share views, photographs and news.

Peverel Court Care believes in exceptional elderly care, and using social media is one of the many ways we enhance the level of our care.


Accolades from residents for Merryfield Nursing Home during CQC inspection

hpXPUAJBpIzhsk_bWDZPadmqjd0NGSi4ZaPNtEPISJoWhen inspectors from the Care Quality Commission (CQC) came to inspect Merryfield Nursing Home in Oxfordshire, the feedback from residents and relatives was extremely reassuring. The inspection was carried out to rate the service, check the overall quality of the service, and determine whether the nursing home fulfilled the legal regulations mandated by the Health and Social Care Act 2008.

Uncompromising safety

Our residents informed the inspectors they felt safe and secure at Merryfield Nursing Home. Some of the wonderful comments residents had to say include:

  • “It’s a very safe place”
  • “I am very safe thank you”

Even relatives of residents said the nursing home maintained high safety levels:

  • “Safety is a priority at Merryfield”
  • “I have never been concerned people are unsafe, it’s a good home”
  • “No concerns whatsoever with regard to safety”

The detailed CQC inspection report concurs with the observations made by residents and their relatives.

Effective and efficient service

When queried about the Merryfield Nursing Home staff, residents said they were effective. Comments such as the following highlight our commitment to personalised and quality care and service:

  • “The staff understand what I need, they are effective yes”
  • “The staff understand my needs very well”
  • “The staff are excellent, they know what they are doing”
  • “Very knowledgeable, really happy with the staff”

The CQC reported that when a resident became anxious by the inspectors’ presence, Merryfield staff helped the resident calm down, revealing how caring our well-trained staff are.

Exceptional elderly care

Comments such as “The staff are very caring, lovely people”, “They are all angels every one of them”, “It’s just a very homely caring culture”, and “People are very well cared for both mentally and physically. They are treated with respect”, demonstrate the dedication Merryfield management and staff have towards exceptional elderly care and residential care.

At Merryfield Nursing Home, exceptional elderly care is an everyday affair. The CQC inspection report reaffirms Merryfield’s reputation for setting benchmarks for care standards. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our residents, relatives, and fantastic staff for making Merryfield such a pleasant place to live.


Merryfield Nursing Home gets a thumbs up from the CQC

JpxFsEH6ed6MYHHuYebvI9K-GhS-K_h8ixYX_NjDXa0The Care Quality Commission (CQC) inspected Oxfordshire-based Merryfield Nursing Home, part of Peverel Court Care, in September 2015. We are proud to announce that the nursing home has received an excellent inspection rating from the CQC for elderly care services.


The parameters for inspection

The inspection gauged the elderly care services provided at Merryfield based on the following parameters:

  • Safe service
  • Effective service
  • Caring service
  • Responsive service
  • Well-led service

Merryfield Nursing Home received a good rating in all five categories.

Safe service

Our residents informed the inspectors that they felt safe in Merryfield. We were pleased to learn that residents who were interviewed made comments such as “Safety is a priority in Merryfield” and “I feel very safe, it’s a lovely home.”

Effective and caring service

The commitment of Merryfield and its staff to personalised and exceptional elderly care is revealed in residents’ comments such as “The staff understand my needs well” and “Very knowledgeable, really happy with the staff.”

Exceptional training

Our staff receive periodic renewal training to upgrade their knowledge and stay abreast of the latest developments in elderly care. Certain training sessions, such as fire safety, infection control and first aid, are mandatory, and our staff willingly participate in them.

A home away from home

We realise how difficult it is for our residents to leave familiar surroundings and come to a care home. That is why we provide a safe, social and caring environment. Our staff make an effort to understand the needs of each resident and provides personalised care based on those needs. This was clearly visible to the CQC inspectors, leaving no doubt about the quality of our care.

The excellent rating we received from the Care Quality Commission highlights our commitment to exceptional elderly care. We take this opportunity to thank the Merryfield residents, their relatives and the fantastic staff for the wonderful inspection review we received. Your support played a big role in this achievement.


Peverel Court Care: Giving Residents More than Bingo

Active seniorsWhen an elderly person moves into a care home, it is important to address that one thing the person would feel lost without in a new setting. When a care home can meet that need, it has succeeded in delivering personalised and exceptional elderly care. Experts in elderly care understand that just having weekly sing-a-long or bingo sessions is insufficient as an activity plan for care home residents, and some parts of the industry – like Peverel Court Care – understands that too. These activities are not meaningful for all residents.

What Does Research Show?

A study by Glass et al, 1999, shows that social activities that are productive reduce the risk of mortality just like traditional fitness activities. The reasons for this are:

  • Improved sleep
  • Better appetite
  • Increased muscle strength
  • Enhanced joint strength

Leading the Way Forward

Peverel Court Care excels in providing exceptional elderly care in its three homes: Stone House Nursing Home, Merryfield Nursing Home, and Bartlett’s Residential Home. These historic homes are located in idyllic country settings, with expansive grounds and amenity-filled rooms that are tastefully decorated and offer complete privacy for residents.

Besides stately settings and high-quality care, we offer several recreational activities. Our residents can choose to participate in them or they enjoy being observers. As a part of our personalised care, we have regular armchair exercises, sing-a-long sessions, garden parties, bingo, leisurely walks and gardening. Residents have the freedom to watch their favourite television programmes in the privacy of their rooms. Those who enjoy crosswords have access to newspapers to keep their minds stimulated.

Daily activities are central to our residents’ care plans. This prevents undermining their social needs and wellbeing. In Merryfield Nursing Home, neighbours often drop by to discuss the history and architectural beauty of the home. We encourage these visits, as we believe our residents require more social interaction beyond the four walls in which they live.

Our emphasis on quality recreational activities has helped many residents physically, emotionally and mentally. This brings a sense of accomplishment, as we feel we have made a difference to residents’ lives in their golden years.

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