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Our nurses are at the forefront of the clinical expertise at our homes. Our nurses have a high level of medical responsibility and many have their own specialisms; like elderly care. We are proud of our nurses’ commitment to managing complex needs and end of life care. We are offer development opportunities and career pathways to help you develop into more senior roles. All of our Registered Home Managers are Registered General Nurses.

APPLY FOR Nursing role

To start the application process, there are three straightforward questions to answer.
We will then ask you for some contact details.


    Step One

    It’s been a long and busy shift, and as it draws to a finish, an HCA approaches you, visibly upset due to the recent death of a resident they were particularly close to. Would you:

    write down the number for the Employee Support Hub phone line and tell them to give one of the trained counsellors a call to talk things through.take them straight to the Registered Manager, explain the situation and ask them to help.make a couple of cups of tea, then sit down and allow them open up to you about how they’re feeling.

    Why did you choose this answer and how do you feel it’s more appropriate than the other options?

    Step Two

    The son of one of your residents calls you aside and tells you that he doesn’t think his mother’s care plan is working for her and asks you to make changes. How would you address this?

    Reassure him that what is already in place is the best possible care his mother could be receiving.Advise him that you will look to make changes and will update him with any improvements to her care on his next visit.Sit down with the resident and discuss any issues that she has with the care she has been receiving.

    What made you decide to pick this answer and why do you think it’s the best of the available options?

    Step Three

    You have been caring for a resident that has dysphagia. You notice that it is becoming increasingly more difficult to feed them and they appear to be losing weight. What action would you take?

    Speak to the resident about what they can and can’t eat easily, then arrange a bespoke meal plan with the kitchen.Continue to monitor them while ensuring they aren’t suffering from dehydration, and ask staff to keep a record of all food and drink consumed.Arrange for them to be taken to the hospital to be checked over thoroughly.

    What was it about this answer that made you choose it, and why do you think it’s the most relevant response in this situation?

    Step Four

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