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Our management team is key to our success in ensuring we fulfil our values. We develop our managers offering inspiring leadership programmes and career paths. Our approach to finding, developing and retaining our long-standing management team, together with the personal surroundings of our properties, make us Peverel Court Care, the benchmark in premium care.

APPLY FOR Management role

To start the application process, there are three straightforward questions to answer.
We will then ask you for some contact details.


      Step One

      A relative of one of the residents leaves a negative review of the home on Google, what do you do?

      Post a reply to the review, calmly responding to each of the points made in turn.Send the reviewer a message asking to arrange a call to discuss their grievances.Go and speak to the resident to find out whether they personally have any issues with the service they’ve been receiving.

      Why did you choose this answer and how do you feel it’s more appropriate than the other options?

      Step Two

      The local primary school ask if they can host their summer fete in the grounds of home. Would you:

      Agree; you never know whether any of the children’s relatives will need to go into a care home at some stage, so it’s good to engage with the local community.Apologetically decline; the noise and disruption that would be caused to your residents.Allow them to hold the fete, but also invite them to bring the children to visit your residents more often.

      What made you decide to pick this answer and why do you think it’s the best of the available options?

      Step Three

      The home is currently at full capacity, when a visit request from the family of a prospective resident comes in for the following day. It was due to be your day off, so do you:

      Cancel your plans to make sure you are available to show them round and answer any questions they may have.Trust that your team are more than capable of taking the family on the tour and will update you on your return.Tell the family that it’s not going to be possible on that day, and try to reschedule.

      What was it about this answer that made you choose it, and why do you think it’s the most relevant response in this situation?

      Step Four

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