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Our housekeeping and maintenance teams help our residents feel like they are at home and the contribution made by these teams is never undervalued. They are not kept at a distance; they play a key front of house role – interacting with relatives, residents, and other staff on a daily basis. Their dedication to delivering excellence; diligence; a sense of pride and attention to detail ensures the highest levels of comfort and safety for our residents in all areas of our homes.

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To start the application process, there are three straightforward questions to answer.
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      Step One

      While helping one of the residents, they make a comment to you which you perceive to be rude. How do you react?

      You excuse yourself and leave the room, compose yourself, before returning to finish what you were doing.You pretend you didn’t hear them say anything and carry on with your tasks as normal.You ask them to clarify the comment and try to find out whether you’ve done something to upset them.

      Why did you choose this answer and how do you feel it’s more appropriate than the other options?

      Step Two

      While working with a colleague, you notice that they’re continuously cutting corners on certain tasks. These short-cuts aren’t going to cause any obvious risks, and you are both pushed for time because the afternoon activities had overrun. Do you:

      Follow their lead and utilise the time you both save to cover more ground.Quietly point out that they’re not doing things correctly, and offer to show them how it should be done.Make out that you haven’t noticed and concentrate on doing the best job you can with what you’re doing.

      What made you decide to pick this answer and why do you think it’s the best of the available options?

      Step Three

      During a team meeting your supervisor has suggested a number of changes to long-standing processes. You’re not sure they will make things better. Would you:

      Trust that they know what they’re doing, and carry out your duties exactly as you’ve been asked.Politely raise your concerns in front of the group, and state why you think there could be issues with the proposed changes.Try doing things the new way, but be ready to highlight any problems as soon as they arise if that doesn’t work out as planned.

      What was it about this answer that made you choose it, and why do you think it’s the most relevant response in this situation?

      Step Four

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