Happy Mother’s Day

This Sunday is a very special occasion in the British calendar. It’s a day on which we celebrate our Mothers and everything they have done for us. Whether they are still with us or not, Mother’s Day is an opportunity to spend time appreciating our Mums. On Sunday afternoon we’ll be making corsages and enjoying delicious teacakes and hot drinks as part of an afternoon tea event.  Relatives will be invited to attend too, of course.

In celebration, we asked some of our relatives to share some of their fondest mummy memories, and we had some fabulous responses.

Tess Tunley and Liz Mason shared this story about their mum, our resident Pam Sinclair.

“Our family lived in Southampton. Whilst we were there, Mum joined the Writers’ Circle. She decided to see whether any of her stories would be suitable for publication. A number were accepted by the BBC. The first time one of her stories was accepted there was great excitement at our house, especially when mum handed us all celebratory Mars Bars. We were lucky in living by the coast and were able to spend time playing in the sea. I recall the time when we had a couple of wooden belly boards we took in turns riding, with varying levels of success!”

Leo Smith wanted to talk about his mother and the memories he had of her.

“Even now after all these years I remember us playing in the snow.”

And Linda Mead wanted to tell us about some of the memories she and her brother Jeff have of their mother, our resident Marjorie Faulkner.

“Each one of us have our own fond memories of events over the years and of the things you have done. Mine are of all our holidays in caravans, chalets or on a boat. All the day trips to London you took me on to see different sights. Our shopping trips were fun, especially trying on all the hats and laughing at ourselves. You never bought yourself anything though and I used to feel guilty that I got new clothes, but you didn’t mind and would still have enjoyed the day. And you always went back with something for dad. There were many times when Jeff and I would mess you about in the kitchen when you were busy trying to put the shopping away, but you never got cross, just laughed along with us. One day you sat in a deck chair and went straight through it holding a drink in your hand. We all laughed so much and you didn’t spill any of it!”

When we asked our relatives to share their memories, many of them wished to express their love for their mums, so we thought we would print a few happy Mother’s Day messages below for you to enjoy.

Linda Mead wanted to tell her mum how proud she is of her.

“It is so difficult to express in words how much you are loved but I hope you already know what you mean to us all. Thank you for giving so much to all of us. You have always put your family before yourself and even now you still try to do that. You are amazing and have shown such strength with everything you have been through, from being a widow for sixteen years to the most recent circumstances and we are all so very proud of you. I am sure there are many mums who will have the following words said about them, but for Jeff and I, you are the best mum in the world and you fill our hearts with love.”

The family of Wenda Hart also wanted to wish their mum a happy day.

“Dearest Mum. We are all thinking of you on this very special day and send you loads of love from us all. Have a lovely and happy Mother’s Day. With love from Judy, Bryan, Mary, Tony and Angie.”

And a relative who calls her mother Moom wanted to send this message.

“Dear Moom. Mig here wishing you a very happy Mother’s Day. Thinking of you and hope you enjoy your tea with your other two daughters. See you soon! Love Mig xx”

Finally, our relative Sarah wanted her mum to know how much she appreciates her.

“Dear Mum. Without you I wouldn’t be here. You looked after me when I was growing up and our family when the boys were small. I never felt more relaxed than when we stayed with you. I miss that. Thank you for everything. Lot’s of love, Sarah. Xx”

From all of us here, we would like to wish Mum’s out there a very happy Mother’s Day. We wouldn’t be who we are without you.







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