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Mental Health Awareness Week 10-16th May 2021

Mental Health Awareness Week 10-16th May 2021 at Peverel Court Care 4


The Mental Health Foundation’s Mental Health Awareness Week is taking place from 10th to 16th May 2021, and this year’s theme is nature.

Getting into the spirit of the event, Peverel Court Care have decided to partner with an amazing local mental health charity called Lindengate.


The importance of mental health awareness

We know that mental health problems affect millions of us, in our families, communities and workplaces. We all have mental health that will fluctuate in response to life events.

The Mental Health Foundation

With everything that the world has been through over the past year due to COVID, ensuring that everyone is looking after their mental health has never been more important.

At Peverel Court Care, we provide our Employee Assistance Programme, a confidential employee benefit designed to help staff deal with any personal and work-related issues that might be affecting them. Whether they are struggling at home or at work, our helpline is available 24/7, 365 days a year so they will always have the support they need. Delivered via the Employee Support Hub, powered by Health Assured, it gives employees access to qualified therapists over the phone or via live chat whenever they want it.

We’re also looking to create a regular collaboration for our care team to access Lindengate’s ‘Healing Pathways’ programme sessions. We feel this will be beneficial to our employees and also aligns with one of our core values – Care for Our Communities.


Mental Health Awareness Week 10-16th May 2021 at Peverel Court Care 1


Who are Lindengate?

Lindengate Mental Health Charity is located at a stunning 5 acre site in Wendover, Buckinghamshire, where nature breathes new life into anyone needing support with their wellbeing.

The natural beauty and richness of the site help restore and heal, whilst specialist gardening, conservation, construction, cooking and nature based arts and crafts activities provide focus and purpose. Add to this, the community of volunteers and staff who nurture a supportive, inclusive and safe environment and you have a recipe for success.


Lindengate’s Healing Pathways Programme

“Using nature to help us understand loss.

Loss will affect us all in different ways, but the common thing to remember is that however we are feeling, is perfectly normal. There is no right way to feel – you will feel how you feel and that is ok.

Sessions for adults take place in small groups, where you can come and take time to think about your loss, in our therapeutic gardens. The garden lends itself to nurturing people, the natural beauty and richness help to restore and heal, with support from a community of volunteers and staff, in a natural environment.

The constancy of the seasons provide some stability when everything else may be crumbling. In the darkest of times, memories of better times – past Winters melting into Spring can sustain us and provide hope – that happy Spring days filled with joy will once again emerge out of the gloom of Winter.”

Healing Pathways


Mental Health Awareness Week 10-16th May 2021 at Peverel Court Care 2


Getting out into the garden

Our fundraising day will take place on 12th May and will be led by our 104 year old resident Hilda who, along with other residents and employees, will be planting 104 bulbs! You can support Hilda and the other residents raising money for Lindengate via our Virgin Money Giving page here. Hilda is an inspiration and last year helped to raise over £8k for Alzheimer’s Society.

At Peverel Court, we know that access to outdoor space and fresh air can be incredibly powerful. That’s why we have beautifully landscaped gardens at each of our care homes in Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire, which our residents can enjoy. For example, Bartlett’s Residential Care Home in Stone, near Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire is set in over 18 acres of private tranquil parkland with exceptional views of The Chilterns Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

For elderly residents, there has been research which has shown that those who enjoyed as little as 10 or 15 minutes of activity a day, saw a marked improvement in their health. It has also been revealed that walking outdoors has been shown to reduce levels of stress, and to increase sociability, communication and self esteem. There is also evidence that it can help to reduce cognitive decline.

Exposure to both daylight and sunlight whilst outdoors is also important. Sunlight provides us with Vitamin D, which is essential for building strong bones and muscle, and helps us with maintaining our body clock. So residents at our homes don’t need to get too adventurous; even just having a cup of tea and a chat out in the garden has proven benefits.


Hilda – an inspiration to us all

As mentioned, Hilda will be leading our fundraising efforts again, so we wanted to share some of her story; she is a remarkable woman who has lived a fascinating life. Hilda was born during WWI and has many memories of growing up in London with her mother, Daisy, father, Sidney, and sister, Elsie. She enjoyed biology, science and French at school, and her closest friends were her school friends. Hilda enjoyed playing hockey and swimming, and she belonged to a swimming club.

Hilda was in the civil service during the Second World War. She described the war years as ‘gruesome’ and remembers the poverty at that time. She recalls the blitz and the V1’s and V2’s – or doodle bugs. The happiest memory that Hilda has from during the war was when she got married in 1941.

Hilda worked as a civil servant for most of her working life. She had three children; Barbara and Anthony, and a second daughter who sadly died. Hilda’s family lived in Bournemouth and later she lived in Oving, Buckinghamshire. She enjoyed travelling to Germany; the family had a caravan which they used to travel around the continent. Hilda’s favourite past times include gardening and reading – she likes Terry Pratchett’s novels.


Mental Health Awareness Week 10-16th May 2021 at Peverel Court Care 3


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