The never forgotten history of Merryfield Nursing Home

MerryfieldMerryfield Nursing Home, located just off New Yatt Road in Witney, is a beautiful Cotswold stone manor. Its history goes back to 1927 when the manor was constructed for a “Witney blanket” family.

How it all began

Witney has been famous for its iconic woollen blankets since the Middle Ages. The water to make the blankets is taken from the River Windrush, and many believe the secret to the high-quality blankets that Witney produces lies in the water.

The town once boasted five blanket factories, but once the largest factory, Early’s, closed doors in 2002, the industry completely stopped production. One of the blanket factory owners was a gentleman named Sidney Smith.

Smith commissioned the construction of Merryfield House, and he hired renowned architect Oliver Hill to design it. The cost of the construction was approximately £6,000.

The design then

Hill was renowned for his Arts and Crafts-style country house designs. Merryfield was constructed with a magnificent entrance and a projecting three-storey porch with an oval window in the gable. The main doorway had a carved stone panel sculpted by Eric Gill.

The construction began in January 1927 and was completed by September 1927, when Smith married Dorothy Bartlett, allowing the newly married couple to move in.

The design today

Merryfield Nursing Home today is a stunning stone manor with tranquil gardens. The structure consists of two areas, the main house with its spectacular entrance hall with a sweeping staircase leading to the public rooms and ground-floor extension with 19 ensuite rooms.

All the rooms for the residents have French windows. The rooms are connected by a glass and wood corridor, and there is a relaxing and attractive lounge area with an inglenook fireplace that overlooks the well-manicured garden.

We welcome you to visit Merryfield Nursing Home, which has received an “Excellent” rating from the CQC for its exceptional elderly care, and imbibe the rich history of Merryfield and Witney.


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