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A visit from Brush Party: how art benefits our residents

A visit from Brush Party: how art benefits our residents at Peverel Court Care


At Peverel Court Care, we’re always looking for new and exciting activities to stimulate and engage our residents. We also love working with local businesses as part of our commitment to our company value to Care For Our Communities. So when we found out about Aylesbury-based Brush Party, who run group painting events, we knew that we had found a match made in heaven.


Why is art used in care homes?

Art in care homes can provide many opportunities for residents to use their imagination, make connections and reminisce. Arts participation offers a chance for residents to express themselves, learn a new skill (or return to an old one), and form a stronger sense of personal identity that can sometimes be diminished in care.


A visit from Brush Party

We arranged for Brush Party to visit Stone House Nursing Care Home in Aylesbury, and our residents enjoyed a fantastic fun art-based event. Afterwards, we decided to speak to Becky Carpenter from Brush Party to find out more about the business and their visit to Stone House.


Tell us a little about your business and how you came to be doing what you’re doing.

”Brush Party is all about giving people the opportunity to get creative and learn how to paint through fun and easy to follow step by step tuition. Since starting in 2016, we have grown enormously and are so grateful for the opportunity to work with a diverse range of people.”


How did you come to work with Peverel Court Care?

”Our little red van was spotted driving around Aylesbury. When we were contacted by Peverel Court Care we couldn’t wait to work with you and take our Brush Party events down a new route.”


What are the benefits for older adults?

”There are so many benefits to painting – it’s stress relieving, fun and also hugely rewarding. It’s such a mindful activity and yet we often find that most people are fairly nervous when it comes to picking up a paintbrush. We love being able to put people at ease and allow themselves to get creative in a fun and supportive environment.”


What impact and outcomes did you see for the residents?

”A lot of the residents were incredibly engaged throughout the events and seemed to really enjoy the different aspects; from singing along to the music and occasional tapping of the feet to getting involved to really understand the techniques of the different brush strokes. When speaking with the residents during the session a lot had said that they hadn’t painted for years and that it brought back fond memories for them. Some told stories of family members who were artists too and that was really lovely to hear.”


How did you find spending time with our residents?

”They have all been so welcoming and it’s been lovely to get to know them and listen to the stories. It’s also been amazing to see how pleased they have been with their paintings at the end of the sessions.”


What did you think of the art created by our residents?

”There has been a lot of fabulous artwork created by the residents, there have been lots of vibrant colours and bold brush strokes that have made each one so unique and individual.”


Did you hear about the art exhibition we held at Stone House after your visit?

“The staff did tell us about the art exhibition and we think this is such a fab way to showcase the wonderful work created by the residents!”


We asked some of our lovely residents for their feedback on the Brush Party visits:

What did you think of the experience?

Joan: “I really enjoyed it, it was relaxing!”

Rosemary: “Yes, I thought it was fun!”


And would you like to take part again?

Rosemary: Yes, I would! I need to improve my painting skills” [laughing]


After the initial visit from Brush Party, we held an exhibition at Stone House of the artworks created by our residents.


Stone House Art Exhibition


Brush Party now regularly visit all three of our award-winning care homes in Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire as part of a continuing partnership.


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